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Hey, thanks for dropping by! My name is Anaik, and I’m a professionally-certified editor and nonfiction ghostwriter. Stories were an urgent part of helping me to transition into a strong new identity after a lifetime of globetrotting. As a result I’ve made it my renewed mission in life to enable communicators to produce story-rich content through nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, and digital information products. If you’re building a tribe around your business, then feel free to subscribe for email updates designed to help you communicate with story-rich clarity. As a thank you I’ll send you a gratis PDF of the #urgencyofstory manifesto, which explains why stories are a non-negotiable tool of persuasion for digitally-savvy entrepreneurs who want to make a living, make a difference, and make a dent.

Getting Freaky with Color to Write Your Book

What do leaders like Seth Godin, Pamela Slim, John Maxwell, and Susan Cain have in common? They’ve all written movement-sparking, signature books that are intuitively: audacious credible entertaining vulnerable affirming illuminating generous inclusive (sometimes) funny and organized (Details on these crucial elements further down.) As a result, they’ve all expanded their tribes, impact, and personal influence with their books. If you’re a coach or leader who wants to write an influential and engaging book to grow your own tribe, what would you give to be able to reverse-engineer the movement-sparking books your heroes have written? Not carbon copies of their books. Not cookie cutter versions of their books. Not mere replicas of their books. But your own hard-won insights and experience distilled into a book that hits all the crucial elements in your own signature style and tone.

Five ways innovators harness their curiosity

When the inventor Thomas Edison signed a guest book in someone’s house, the story is told that after he signed his name he scribbled a single word under the “Interests” column: Everything! I think–hearing that anecdote–that Thomas Edison might have said he was a curious human being, and that he wouldn’t have been the inventor and innovator he became without it. Being curious keeps you hungry. Open. Asking. Seeking. It’s a perpetual curiosity that’s driven the esteemed televised naturalist David Attenborough to pursue the adventures that have taken him around the globe multiple times in search of ever-greater wonders. He might just be the most well-traveled human, according to some suggestions. Curiosity can be a valuable asset, if you go about your life seeking ways to fill in the blanks. In a messy, complex and culturally diverse world, questions drive us to be open to creative solutions. Five ways innovators […]

(You have) permission to publish shitty first drafts

When our neighbours–a primary-school-aged girl and her grandma–knocked on our door last Friday afternoon, just before the long weekend that was going to wrap up the spring school holidays here in Sydney–nothing could have prepared our family for the two words they greeted me with: “Reema’s gone!” Backtrack just a couple days. Last Tuesday I bumped into my neighbour Reema* at the local indoor pool. Even though I’ve never seen Reema swim (hey, we just came out of winter here) I wasn’t that surprised to see her, tucked into a corner on a lawn chair with a couple magazines. After chatting for a couple minutes I also tucked myself into a corner within line-of-sight of my swimming offspring and their friends, and continued the book research that’s been dominating most of my waking hours. At the time I was immersed in The Art of Work, the latest book by blogging […]

How to say what you mean

One of my favourite words right now is intentionality. Particularly as it applies to building an online platform. I find the main dilemma is that if you’re a madly curious person, there are so many directions you can go in regards to content creation. But what if you don’t want to be another “random musings” blogger?