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Anaik Alcasas

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Anaik (and yes, you can call me Ana).

I love that you’re here and hope you find something either ridiculously inspiring or insanely useful.

(Here’s a little snapshot of Reflected as both a platform and a philosophy)


In the TED talk by Simon Sinek entitled “How great leaders inspire action” he proposes:

“The goal is not to do business with everyone who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who [resonate with your why.]”

Reflected why

Reflected as a business was founded upon the belief that true stories well told add value to humanity. True stories well told actually have the power to change the world. They’re a positive, subversive, non-violent weapon.

That’s my why.

Reflected what and how

My “what” and “how” involves using my editorial expertise to enable storytellers, leaders, coaches, philanthropists, activists, entrepreneurs, and speakers who are working hard–through your books and websites and information products–to place value on humanity.

(For more on how I can help you, please see my Services page)

Reflected story

My experience working and traveling as a digital nomad through over 15 countries in my late teens and twenties was both a lucky break and also a catalyst for an identity crisis when I finally arrived back home in 2007, to a birth country that was foreign to me.

I share more of my personal discovery of the #urgencyofstory in my Manifesto (a free PDF download), which explains the early stirrings of what became the Reflected mission to edit and enable content that connects us, expands our empathy, and identifies our common humanity.

Reflected clients

Reflected clients are changemakers who read and resonate with the writings of Seth Godin, Maria Popova, Jeff Goins, Anne Lamott, Chris Guillebeau, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, James Altucher, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan, and the many other leaders who are publishing stellar content and providing insane value to their tribes in the digital era.

Reflected clients reside in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. They’re well-traveled leaders who appreciate a well-traveled editor.

Reflected clients are seekers. They know that in a complex global village, questions are sometimes more important than answers.

Reflected clients are givers, advocates, prolific writers, savvy entrepreneurs.

Reflected clients know that publishing a book or information product isn’t the pinnacle goal. The be-all and end-all. It’s merely a means to an end, a doorway that allows them even more opportunities to connect with people and grow thriving author platforms and businesses.

(Does my ideal client sound a little bit like you? Check out my Services page.)

Reflected values

Reflected was launched on three core assumptions, and the goal is that every page, every email, and every information product is consistent with these underlying assumptions. They are:

 1. All humans have intrinsic value
2. Everyone has a story to tell
3. True stories well told add value to humanity

placing value – telling stories – increases value


Reflected experience

My writing, editing and ghost-writing career spans 10+ years of corporate, freelance and contract work in Japan, Europe, the United States and (my birth country) Australia.

I’ve spent more than a decade bringing clarity to the vision and ideas of others during stints as an editor, ghostwriter and project manager.

My roles in the publishing process have included:

  • project manager
  • manuscript assessor
  • developmental editor
  • copyeditor
  • proofreader
  • copywriter
  • commissioning editor
  • digital content manager
  • and ghostwriter

Reflected certification

In addition to long-term immersion in the communications and publishing space in Europe, Asia, and the USA, I hold a couple of recent (2014/2015) certificates in Advanced Editing and Publishing for which I received both distinction and high distinction.

Reflected digitization

As a digital nomad I specialize in on-screen editing in Word track changes, as well as either Americanizing, Anglicising, or globalizing your English depending on your target audience. No two projects are alike and you can be sure that I will take the time to target your businesses’ unique needs. See more details on my Services page.

 I help innovators, advocates, and creatives develop timely and timeless writing, in order to blast your platform building, change-making and storytelling to the next level.

Reflected evolution

Still reading? Kudos! A few random experiences that contributed to my broad editorial experience how weird I am today include the fact that I…

traveled on my first passport at the age of five, had visited dozens of cities spread across three continents by the age of 10

published my first short story back home in Sydney when I was 10

devoured nearly a book a day in my preteen years

volunteered part-time throughout my teens as a nanny, teacher’s aide, fundraiser, office admin and youth mentor

fell in love with editing and writing during a student-exchange-turned-executive-assistant-role in Japan when I was 19

pursued a publishing and editorial internship opportunity all the way to Europe at the age of 22 which lasted for three years

completed a 180,000 word novel in my early twenties while living in Portugal (safely locked in a bottom drawer)

continued editorial and ghost-writing career over several years in New Mexico and California on the United State’s west coast (with a token year in Maryland on the east coast)

jumped the pond back to Sydney, Australia with genius husband and bright offspring in tow

explored beautiful chunks of Australia (4 cities and several towns across 4 states) with the newly-minted family

discovered and became a fan of multiple humans-rights-related advocacy initiatives

upskilled my expertise with a series of professional development courses that resulted in advanced certification.

and confronted editorial restlessness to develop and launch in order to better serve storytellers and changemakers leading the way in a digital frontier.

Reflected Updates

When you sign up for Reflected updates, as a thank you I’ll send you a free PDF manifesto on the #urgencyofstory. I can’t wait to connect!

#Urgencyofstory manifesto by Anaik Alcasas

The Reflected mission is to edit and enable content that connects us, expands our empathy, and identifies our common humanity.