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How can I help you?

Are you a…

digitally-focused business owner with an exploding global client base?

coach or consultant with a growing digital brand?

a lifestyle blogger branching out into passive-income products?

entrepreneur with a lively startup and high-end launch content needs?

freelance journalist submitting pieces to a broad clientele?

prolific nonfiction writer producing motivational titles?

niche publisher managing a suite of authors?

•…or perhaps a combo of the above?

The 3-second problem

In a lightning-fast digital environment, where a potential client takes only three seconds to decide if you and your website is credible, trustworthy, and completely professional, you need someone with my copywriting and editing experience to ensure that your ideal clients are sold on your presence and your product and convert to subscribers/readers/buyers/raving fans as needed!

Your website or e-book or digital information product needs the fresh eyes of a collaborator outside your company to finalize your copy with the finesse of a pro.

“Anaik A. contributed valuable editorial input on our media scripts. … We look forward to collaborating on future projects together.” – Pablo H., Boutique video agency director

Targeting your ideal client

I take the time to understand your client brief and your rock-solid #beginwithwhy story, and ask any clarifying questions, and then dive deep into looking at the work from the psychological persona of your ideal client or target reader.

Whether you’re approaching me to edit/revise your…

  • website,

  • e-book,

  • full length book

  • or digital information product

…I can approach your product as a reader advocate, using a highly sophisticated color-coded checklist to ensure that all the essential elements are covered.

Reflected color-mapped checklist

I’ve spent years absorbing, and more recently reverse-engineering the bestselling techniques of persuasive communicators in books, blogs, podcasts, TED and live events. As a result, I’ve distilled a highly sophisticated color-mapping checklist for the developmental editing and planning stages (unseen by your end reader) that ensures your information product or specific website page is hitting all the touch points your ideal client is looking for.

The Reflected color-mapped checklist includes:

– your proposition

– your data

– your stories

– your affirmations

– your illumination

– your takeaways

and finally…

– your inclusion

(I’m so excited about the implications of this passion-driven project. Read my #urgencyofstory manifesto to discover more of the “why” behind this project and the overall Reflected mission.)

Need more convincing? Just look at the response of a client whose About page I recently color-mapped before revising and editing:

“Anaik … has a way with words, … she listened to my needs and ideas and … delivered exactly what I was after [with marketing page copy for] my online business.” – Libby W., online fitness coach

When amateur just won’t do…

Here’s the savvy and expertise I bring to your project:

•  10+ years experience as a professional editor and copywriter

•  professionally certified in Advanced Editing and Publishing (high distinction) with Australian college

•  ongoing membership and professional courses with Society of Editors, Australia

•  ghostwriter of two nonfiction books and countless articles

•  project management experience collaborating with global freelancers

•  professional blogging experience for small business

•  proficient in adapting text to Americanized or Anglicised English

•  many global repeat clients over the course of my career

•  culturally-diverse insights from working in Asia, Europe, the USA and Australia

•  comfortable using major style manuals including Chicago, Wiley, and AP

“[We] required an editor adept in both Americanized and Anglicized English to check the content for grammar, clarity and consistency. I recommend Anaik to anyone requiring English-language editing for global audiences.” – Kristen M., Ed Coordinator
“If you are looking for an editor who is thorough with grammar and punctuation and with a keen eye for detail, Anaik is the girl.” – Nicole P., freelance journalist

My editing niches include…

Comprehensive editing

  • nonfiction e-books,

  • full-length nonfiction and narrative nonfiction books

  • nonfiction digital information products
    (including PDFs, white papers, “cheat” sheets, guides, and manifestos)

  • e-courses and webinars

Revising and proofreading

  • nonfiction website copy

  • email newsletters

  • sales pages, marketing and social media blurbs for a big launch

  • blog posts that have been drafted and SEO optimized

The assurance of excellence

Whether your work needs ghostwriting, developmental editing, copyediting, or just that final post-design proofreading touch, you need to have the peace of mind that you’re working with someone who:

  • cares deeply about excellence

  • stands 100% by all her work

  • is a seasoned professional

  • is reliable for repeat work as needed

I’ve been a contract editor for over a decade and more recently owner of my own business, found here at, and I’d love to connect on your project’s unique needs and requirements to see if we would be a good fit.

Please feel free to check out my work history and further qualifications on my About page and/or at LinkedIn.

“Anaik, crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s missed by several other editors who read my manuscript. Her knowledge of grammatical forms is superior to any other editor I’ve worked with in the past.” – Yyvonne W., Author*

(*Note: for full versions of all these endorsements and more, please see the Testimonials page.)

Wanna work together? Sweet!

Just email anaik [at] reflecteditorial [dot] com, including a brief message about your project type, budget and deadline, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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